Twitter Token Patcher

With this Xposed mod, Twitter clients will no longer suffer from the 100k limit of authorized users, by allowing users to use their own tokens (created on Twitter Dev website) to authenticate to Twitter.

To use this Xposed mod, you need to create your own twitter tokens on the Twitter Dev Apps section, and get your own Consumer Key and Secret, then insert them into the Xposed mod settings, and the Twitter client will work again.

Supported Twitter clients:

  • Carbon (by dots and lines)
  • Janetter (Jane, Inc.)
  • Others will come soon, hopefully with YOUR support.

Unsupported Twitter Clients (that supports custom Tokens internally):

  • Falcon Pro (Follow this guide)
  • Tweedle (select Advanced login)
Version name: 
Release type: 
Beta (some bugs to be expected)
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6,508 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
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  • First release on Xposed Repo
  • Supports Carbon and Janetter