Secure Samsung Clipboard

It you're like me and follow good practices with regards to passwords, you know you should never use the same one for different systems. This easily results in having 100+ passwords for the several accounts you establish as you explore the web, acquire more personal devices, etc.

A password manager app such as KeePassDroid - or one of its many alternatives - is something you cannot live without unless you reuse a couple of passwords for all your accounts, which is *really* a bad idea. Passwords with 10+ upper/lowercase letters, digits and symbols are beyond memorization. Personally, I don't know by heart more that a handful, obviously including the master password to open my database.

The problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2 is that its extended clipboard stores a history of 20 items, including the password strings that are copied to it so you can paste them on the other apps or web sites. This mod addresses the nuisance of always having to remember to go back there and clear the sensitive entries.

When this mod is active, the entire clipboard history is wiped whenever an empty string is stored there, which most password managers do after a certain timeout.

Supported devices:
- tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) 4.1.2
- should work in most of the Samsung devices above ICS, as long as the Samsung Clipboard history mechanism is the same.

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