Firefds Kit [R]

Xposed module for Samsung R devices.

The module has the following features:

  • Fake system status to Official
  • Custom advanced power menu options:
    • Power off
    • Restart
    • Emergency mode
    • Recovery (with custom text)
    • Download
    • Data mode switch
    • Screenshot
    • Switch User (when multi user is enabled)
    • SystemUI restart
    • Flashlight
    • Screen Recorder
  • Disable restart confirmation
  • Enable performing power menu reboot / power off actions only after unlocking secure lock screen (stock behavior)
  • Disable display of power menu when secure lockscreen is locked
  • Change default behavior of reboot to reboot to recovery
  • Replace Reboot to Recovery icon with system default restart icon
  • Enable call recording and call recording settings
  • Replace add call button instead of call recording and adding record by menu option
  • Clock Size option
  • Enable Call ID and spam protection option
  • Fixed screen recording while in call for 3rd party apps
  • Enable screen record while in call
  • Enable additional advanced hotspot settings option
  • Hide VoLTE icon in status bar
  • Hide persistent USB connection notification
  • Hide persistent charging notification
  • Enable block phrases in messages app settings
  • Enable native blur on notification panel pull down
  • Enable navigation bar color settings in Navigation Bar settings
  • Enable multi user toggle
  • Set max user value selector
  • Show seconds in status bar clock toggle
  • Show AM/PM for seconds on clock toggle
  • Show clock date on right of clock toggle
  • Date on status bar clock options
  • Enable biomertrics and fingerprint unlock on reboot toggle
  • Add network speed menu to show network speed in the status bar
  • Data icon symbol selection (4G, LTE, 4G+, 4.5G)
  • Show Data usage view in quick panel
  • Double tap for sleep
  • Hide NFC icon
  • Disable Bluetooth toggle popup
  • Disable sync toggle popup
  • Disable high level brightness poup
  • Hide carrier label
  • Carrier label size selection
  • Disable loud volume warning
  • Disable volume control sound
  • Disable low battery sound
  • Screen timeout settings
  • NFC behavior settings
  • Auto MTP
  • Disable camera temperature check
  • Enable camera shutter sound menu
  • Disable call number formatting
  • Disable SMS to MMS threshold
  • Force MMS connect
  • Bypass exchange security (currently not working)
  • Disable signature check
  • Disable secure flag

This version was tested by the community and not by me, as I don't have an Android 11 Samsung device.
Please upload any xposed logs when you encounter any issue. I can't help you without the logs!
Confirmed working on:

  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20+

To install this module you need the following apps and modules installed on your device:

  1. Magisk v21.2 and above -
  2. Magisk Manager v8.0.4 and above -
  3. Riru Magisk module v23.1 and above -
  4. EdXposed Magisk module v0.5.1.4 and above -
  5. EdXposed Installer v4.5.7 and above -

Known Issues

  • Some features are removed on purpose. Since GravityBox has been working on Samsung Oreo devices without much issues, I only implemented features that need special Samsung coding. You can check GravityBox for R for additional features.
  • Bypass exchange security doesn't currently work

Reporting Issues
Please report issues and provide logs here:

External Libraries
The project uses the following libraries:

  3. Samsung framework libraries which are used for compile only

This module wouldn't have been here without the following people:

  • RikkaW - Creator of Riru Magisk module, which provides a way to inject codes into zygote process
  • rovo89 - Creator of the original Xposed framework APIs
  • solohsu and MlgmXyysd - Creators of the EdXposed Magisk module and Installer that made all of this possible
  • C3C0 - Creator of GravityBox Xposed modules, which I learnt a lot from
  • Wanam - Creator of the original XTouchWiz module, which this module is based on.
  • topjohnwu - Creator of Magisk
  • AbrahamGC - For the Extended Power Menu - Pie - Odex framework Smali guide
  • Big thank you to m8980 and ianmacd for testing countless versions and sending xposed logs

Announcements and pre release versions -

This is a moded version of Wanam's XTouchWiz:

Version name:
Release type: 
Beta (some bugs to be expected)
Number of downloads: 
None yet
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Sunday, January 10, 2021 - 15:41
  • Fixed reboot fallback
  • Fix warnings, remove redundant code and make variables final
  • Version concept change and bump