Xposed Full Screen Call Picture

I liked the Full Screen Call Picture option present in the GravityBox Xposed Module but I didn't need any of the other things so I extracted only that feature and made it a standalone module.
I did it because I didn't find it as a standalone anywhere else. It's no new thing but I thought of sharing this just in case others might find it useful.

So big thanks to C3C076 for sharing the source code of his application and hopefully some of you will enjoy this.

Xposed Full Screen Call Picture should work on any device having Xposed 2.1 or greater and Android 4.1 or greater (google based rom.. as mentioned in the GravityBox post "pure or close to pure Android").

Not working with:
- Sense (reported by anant210)
- Touchwiz (reported by oldslowdiver)


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Initial build.