Complete Keyguard Disabler

Should work on any AOSP-ish android lockscreen that can support Xposed, from 4.0 - 4.4.

HTC (Sense) support seems to work.

It looks for the showLocked method of the KeyguardViewMediator class and replaces it with a null method.

Looking for some testers for less than 4.4 and for non-AOSP devices which would like support.

On SOME devices/ROMs (not sure which, but two people have seen it) The lockscreen will appear on boot. After this, though, the lockscreen will not appear again.

Does not work on Samsung (TouchWiz) devices. IN PROGRESS - may be a very loooong time unless someone can send me their /system/app/KeyguardWidget.apk
Probably does not work on any custom ROMs that change the lockscreen. --ain't gonna happen.

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-Found the hook for navbar softkey-related issues
-Hook the showLocked method
-Tell me if it doesn't work on your phone, and send me your keyguard APK and ODEX. I'll try to fix it.