Email - Kill attachment limits

This Xposed module removes the default 5MB attachment limit ("Can't attach file over 5MB.") of the AOSP/Play Store email application. It will not override attachment limits set by email server administrator, only the default artificial limits set by the email application are changed.

Warning: the Play Store version is not tested as I don't have a compatible device, but it should work. If someone could confirm this, I'd be happy.


  • Xposed v54 or later
  • Currently only a recent version of the email application is supported
    • The version must be based on the UnifiedEmail package and contain this commit. Because I'm too lazy to implement and test this for older versions, the minSdkVersion is set to 19.
    • Contributions for other versions are welcome
    • To see if your version is supported, just install the module and see the log of Xposed Installer for any errors
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Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 09:28
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