DeepScreen Oreo

What's DeepScreen Oreo?

DeepScreen Oreo is a module that allows you to set different modes of screen including Immersive mode .
This module can set Immersive Mode without Stuck Black Screen Problem due to Oreo Update

How does it works?

Download the module, launch UI, grant root access and choose your mode.
No Need to activate the modulen No need to reboot too, juste Grant root access and Profits :)

What can i set?

-Full Immersive Mode : Hides both Nav and Status Bar
-No Nav Bar Mode : Hides Navigation Bar Only
-No Status Bar Mode : Hides Status Bar Only
-Stock Mode : Set default Values, display both Nav and Status Bar


XDA thread Available and upload the Source Code to my Github ASAP.
As soon as you credit me, feel free to modify the application and upload your changes.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 06:12

Initial Release