This module patches the system to include this bug fix merged into AOSP on 10 Jan 2014
Fix visibility of multiple non-fullscreen activities
(This bug appears only on Kitkat ROMs)

This patch is included in AOSP builds on 10 Jan 2014 or later. However, custom ROMs or manufacturer ROMs may cherry-pick this patch at a later date.

Video of how the bug looks like when using XHaloFloatingWindow
Those who use XHaloFloatingWindow or XMultiWindow should notice this bug easily.
Notice that only one app can be shown at one time and the previous app disappears when a new one is opened

Issue detail:
Assume X, Y are non-fullscreen activities.
a. Home starts an activity X in task A in application stack.
b. X starts an activity Y in or
c. Activity X will be invisible.

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