YouTube去广告,锁屏播放 | NoAdsBackgroundPlaybackYT

Solemn statement: please download before carefully optimistic software author should be ohyeah521, please do not download other counterfeit software, because of the download of counterfeit software to you caused any harm, I am not responsible. What's important to say three times:
software author is: ohyeah521
software author is: ohyeah521
software author is: ohyeah521

# EN name: NoAdsBackgroundPlaybackYT
# CN name: YouTube去广告,锁屏播放

^_^ 中文用户请向下看,先照顾一下国际友人 ^_^

## Attention:
- Please use low-key, in order to avoid the method of removing ads is targeted, so the source code is not open source for the time being.

## What's in:
- Remove almost all ads,includes ads during video playback
- Support background playback\lock screen playback
- Locate ad location information based on signature and realize automatic adaptation of new version

## How to Install:
- Install Xposed Installer App
- Install Xposed framework and Xposed Installer
- Install YouTube AdAway App
- Open Xposed Installer App and enable my App on the modules list
- Reboot
- Run my application and give it SDCard read/write permissions, as they are needed for self-upgrades.

## Report a bug:
1- Tell me about your phone model, system version, YouTube version
2- Create an issue with the logs attached:

## Notes:
- Reboot is a MUST after updating YouTube App or my App
- This application is NOT a modified YouTube App
- You won't get any (signature) issues if you update your official YouTube App
- If you get any issues playing YouTube videos you can just uninstall my App or disable it on the Xposed modules list

## Donate:
* Can you pour me some coffee?
* [Donate By PayPal](

## Acknowledgement:
- Special thanks: Wanam (
- Special thanks: pylerSM(
## 介绍:
- 删除YouTube中几乎所有的广告,包括视频播放过程中的广告,实现全程无广告观看视频
- 基于特征码定位广告信息,实现自动适配新版本的YouTube,无需担心升级后功能失效
- 实现后台播放,关闭屏幕播放,极致省电

## 如何安装:
- 安装 Xposed Installer 应用程序
- 安装 Xposed框架
- 安装 NoAds-For-YouTube 应用程序
- 打开 Xposed Installer 应用程序, 并启用我的应用程序
- 重启手机
- 运行我的应用程序并给它SDCard读/写权限,因为自我升级的时候需要它们。

## 报告一个Bug:
1- 告诉我您的手机型号,系统版本,YouTube版本
2- 创建一个issue,并上传错误日志,

请使用低调, 为了避免去除广告的方法是被针对, 所以源代码暂时不是开源的。

## 关于捐赠
这是一个体力型技术劳动,需要花一些时间和经历在上面,之前很多人因为没有经历继续做,所以大部分YouTube去广告的插件都不能使用了。这个项目或者我个人可以帮助到你, 你可以自愿的支付一部分费用来支持它。

捐赠的费用将用于购买域名和服务器,这样后续的版本升级会高效很多,当然,也包括我累了买一杯咖啡 coffee。




Version name: 
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 01:19

支持YouTube 17.14.35版本去广告,后台播放
支持YouTube Music 5.02.50 版本本去广告,后台播放

Support YouTube version 17.14.35 to advertise and play in the background
Support YouTube music version 5.02.50 to advertise and play in the background
Support all versions of Twitter to advertise

Version name: 
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
5,922 in total · 16 in the last 24 hours
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Uploaded on: 
Monday, May 17, 2021 - 09:34

1. Support YouTube Music v4.26.51 to remove ads and play in the background
2. Support Twitter remove ads
3. Add multi-language support, there may be inaccurate translations, because I use Google Translate

1、支持YouTube Music v4.26.51 去广告和后台播放功能
2、支持Twitter 去广告