Lockscreen disabler 2 (for android 8+)

All credits go to @LucasR93 for the original module. This a simple fork that fixes the module for Android 8 and above versions. The details of the fork are available here: https://github.com/LucasR93/android-lockscreen-disabler/pull/46. I have been unable to get the author to merge the fix into his module, so I made a separate version.

Lockscreen/Keyguard Disabler
What is lockscreen disabler and what do I need it for?
Sometimes you may face the problem that you are forced to setup a device pin or password everytime you want to unlock your phone.
There may be different reasons: some companies require such protections when you want to receive emails onto your mobile device.
Another public reason is: you want to use VPN on your Android smartphone. To setup a VPN you are forced by the system to setup some kind of security.

This module is for all the users who don't want to be forced to use a protection, although using the services descriped above.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to you or your device, nor for any consequences that result from using this mod.
This mod is intended for testing purposes and not for bypassing security policies or guidelines in your everyday (work-)life.

Long story short: here it is now: A module that simply hooks into the lockscreen's callback, wether there is a password required and mocks, that there is no password needed for unlocking the device. As the password is still active in the background, other apps (especially the apps that enforce such password policies) will never notice this little hack.

There are no app-permissions required.

Install the Xposed Framework, install the APK and enable "Keyguard Disabler" from the module overview in the Xposed App. After a restart you can start using the standard Android "Slide-to-Unlock" again.

Supported Devices
The module should work with the following Android versions

Any pure AOSP android version (Stock, ParanoidAndroid, Cyanogenmod, etc.)
HTC devices or devices running a ROM with Sense 5 or Sense 6
Samsung Touchwiz and OneUI devices are reported to work

Thanks to:
@sirlatrom and @gsamtan for their very good support with this module, because it wouldn't be what it is now without their help!

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Friday, August 9, 2019 - 17:46

Added support for Android 8 and 9. Might work with newer versions.