Phab7 is an on-the-fly UI switcher: select Phone, Phablet, orTablet, then tap the Change button. The switch happens immediately - no reboot needed. A separate option lets you switch settings screen layouts (e.g. the Settings app) between Phone-style (separate screens for categories and details), and Tablet-style (categories and details, side-by-side).

Unlike other solutions, Phab7 has no effect on your apps beyond for their Settings screens. In particular, it will not alter the size or layout of your launcher's icons or dock (nor will it cause the tablet-style app-drawer icon to appear).


  • Google removed Tablet mode from KitKat, so it is not available if you're running Android 4.4.x.
  • Some UIs may not be available on your device because your ROM's creator removed the graphics and layouts needed to support them.
  • If you have a beta version of Phab7 (v0.9x) currently installed, you must uninstall it before installing v1.0. Android will refuse to install it if one of the betas is present.
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Stable (low risk of bugs)
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Initial stable release.