Description :
This is an update of the module XposedUnifiedNlp as UnifiedNlp is now included in MicroG. This module help to integrate MicroG Gms UnifiedNlp into the system even if GAPPS are installed. The main purpose is to allow MicroG as a location provider.
This module was tested on Kitkat CyanogenMoD v4.4.4
WARNING 1 : you can not use this module along with XposedUnifiedNlp you should enable only one of them at a time on Xposed
WARNING 1 : if you still use unifiednlp alone without microg use XposedUnifiedNlp instead
Thanks : a huge thanks to Rawi01 and MaR-V-iN

Description II :
In the "Self-Check" page of "microG Settings" if "System support location provider" is not checked then this module is for you it will solve the problem.

Description III :
This module could also be used to allow official google play services to act as a location provider as well.

Test :
1. Install microG https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/releases
2. Install Mozilla Location Service and enable it on "microG Settings" https://github.com/microg/IchnaeaNlpBackend/releases
3. Install XposedGmsCoreUnifiedNlp and enable it on Xposed
4. Install NLP Test https://apkpure.com/nlp-test/com.redbada.nlp_test
5. Reboot and test the location with NLP Test

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Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 04:57

- Update to make it work with MicroG GMS