I (rovo89) consider Xposed as a hobby project that I don't expect to get paid for. However, many people have asked for ways to donate to me to say "thank you" for making their tech life a bit more enjoyable and comfortable.

So here is a PayPal donation link:

If you have any Bitcoins to spare, feel free to send them to 1uAEzZrfJt96UHYQheUUC8gSp2TJdwdw3.

Please consider:

  • The existence of this link doesn't mean that you have to donate. It's fine if you just click "Thanks" on XDA or enjoy Xposed without saying anything.
  • Please donate only if you want to thank me for the work I have done already, not in expectation of any future work.
  • A donation doesn't entitle you for preferred/private support, feature and ROM support requests. As mentioned, it's only meant as a "thank you" gift.
  • Some modules have paid/donation versions. Donating here is unrelated to these modules and will not unlock their premium features.

If you still decide to donate - thank you, it's very much appreciated!