ARTDeoptimiser - Hang Workaround

Xposed for Android N and above has known issues whereby hooked applications can hang or crash for seemingly no reason at all and there's virtually nothing that us developers can do to resolve the issue. This is due to a bug within Xposed and how android performs optimisations on applications so that they can run faster and consume less battery power.

This is through no fault of the Xposed Framework creator Rovo89. It is a significantly complicated problem to try and resolve however I decided I would at least try to create a workaround for this issue by creating a module that would allow users to turn off optimisations for specific apps (Thereby eliminating the bug).
WARNING: This module will decrease the performance of deoptimised applications and increase the battery consumption for them. This is NOT an optimal solution, but it a solution to those that need it quickly.

Brief Instructions:

  • Install Module
  • Activate in Xposed
  • Reboot
  • Open app
  • Mark which apps you want deoptimised (Not the xposed module for them)
  • Backup their data
  • Uninstall the apps
  • Reinstall the apps
  • Restore their data
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Stable (low risk of bugs)
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Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 14:35
  • Xposed Repo Upload
  • Fixed issue causing apps to re-optimise in the background.