GrindrMod [NEW]

New, and improved GrindrMod!

Custom location picker, inbox filters, backup/restore chats,
bulk chat erase, grid layout, profile history, and more!

Please note that each release of GrindrMod is specifically
tied to a particular range of versions of the app.
Each release will be guaranteed to function only with
the specified versions of the app.

This release is compatible with versions 3.28.1 - 4.1.2

NOTE: You MUST uninstall any GrindrMod versions
older than 3.28.1! Chat backups made with any previous versions
of GrindrMod will NOT restore on versions 3.28.1+!!

✓ Custom location picker with favorites
✓ Optional persistent statusbar notification
✓ Selectable 2, 3, 4 or 5-column grid layout
✓ Individual control over notification sounds
✓ Retain chats from blocked profiles
✓ Option to show social media icons on the profile bar (long tap to copy username to clipboard)
✓ Smaller "send location" button to prevent accidental sending location
✓ Send on SHIFT+ENTER in chat text field (for WifiKeyboard)
✓ Optional GPS Accuracy overlay on cascade
✓ Darken the bottom button bar in chat view
✓ Double-tap to clear text field in chat
✓ Map overlay option on cascade*
✓ Option to disable "Fresh Faces" or replace with Profile History (long-tap a profile to clear the history)**
✓ Bulk chat erase***
✓ Undo the last cascade refresh by long-tapping on the cascade
✓ Advanced inbox filters: filter by online users, received photos, blocks, or search term
✓ Received photos indicator (camera icon) option for chat inbox (tap on icon to open received photos)
✓ Option to set the minimum GPS accuracy level to avoid registering a precise location
✓ Backup and restore chats to Google Drive or local storage****
✓ Option to disable sending Taps on single-tap (Prevent sending accidental taps)
✓ Sort Cascade, Favorites or Explore page by online users (show online users first)
✓ Unsend photo chat messages*****
✓ Retain chats from blocked profiles******
✓ Remove photos sent by other users by long-tapping the photo in the chat screen
✓ Show distance in Inbox view (this can be disabled in module settings)
✓ Long-tap social media icons to display username and copy to clipboard
✓ Disable automatic deletion of older chats (truncate chats)
✓ Disable smooth scroll to top for chat inbox (get to the top more quickly)
✓ *NEW* Assign blank profiles a random User#

*Tapping on the GPS Accuracy text will display your current location
as an overlay in the upper-left corner of the cascade.

**To view profile history, replace "Fresh Faces" with Profile History
in module settings.

***Double-tap the chat inbox tab to bring up a dialog giving
you the option to bulk-erase one-sided chats before a certain
date. You can also clear ALL chats at once.

****Chats backed up to Google Drive are saved in GrindrMod's private appData
folder. If your device has multiple Google Accounts, you will be prompted to
select which account you would like to use for backups. Each backup is uniquely
identified by the device's Android ID and the Grindr profile from which it came.
Only ONE backup per device, per Grindr account is allowed.
Each new backup will overwrite the previous backup for that device only!
The only time you will see multiple entries in the backup list, is if you are using the same
Grindr account on multiple devices. You may restore the chats from each device, as
long as it is for the same Grindr account.

Restoring chats is always a non-destructive operation. No chats are ever deleted
on the target device! You may delete the Google Drive backup by long-tapping on the
backup entry in the restore list.

Please note that the backup files are automatically deleted from Google Drive once
you uninstall GrindrMod.

*****Long-tap on a photo chat message to "unsend" it and replace the chat body with "..."
The user MUST be online for unsend to work correctly.

******Due to some changes with how blocks are stored and persisted, you will be
unable to see that a user has blocked you unless the block takes place after this
module is installed and the "show blocks" setting is enabled.

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NOTE: This module does NOT unlock any paid
features!! It does NOT allow you to view more
guys than what your subscription allows.
It merely fits more profiles on the display at
once by increasing the number of columns
in the grid.

Works for both free Grindr and GrindrXtra.

Disclaimer: This module is neither affiliated with nor endorsed
by the official Grindr app. It is provided for free with no warranty of
any kind. Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for lost chats,
user data, or any other problems incurred from the use of this module.
GrindrMod does not collect any personal information nor does it display
advertisements of any kind. No revenue is generated or collected from
the use of this software.

Version name: 
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
1,295 in total · 20 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 02:35

✓ Update for Grindr 4.1.2

Version name: 
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
1,008 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 02:43

✓ Update for Grindr 4.1.0 and 4.1.1

Version name:
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
634 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 22:53

✓ Fixed issue where chats were deleted if blocked by user while on chat screen

Version name:
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
559 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 03:02

✓ Update for Grindr 4.0.0
✓ Assign blank profiles a random User#

Version name:
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
704 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Sunday, July 1, 2018 - 05:58

✓ Preserve block state with chat backup

Version name: 
Release type: 
Stable (low risk of bugs)
Number of downloads: 
599 in total · 0 in the last 24 hours
MD5 checksum: 
Uploaded on: 
Friday, June 22, 2018 - 20:31