AOD Customizer

This is a simple yet cool module to customize the AOD Display on the Galaxy S7. Only S7 is supported currently because that is the phone that I currently own and can test with.

Whats it do?

As of 3.8.18:
- Allows for a text label to be displayed below the icon. This text label is of the "title" parameter from the notification itself. If the notification uses a "RemoteViews" layout, then the "title" parameter will be empty and no label is shown. It works great with Textra SMS and Snapchat to show who they are from. I can customize each notification per app but need a list of apps to further support.
- The text label is fully customizable, text color, size, and maximum width are fully adjustable.

To Do:
- I might add long press on icon to clear notification (if this is possible, I think it is though.)
- Also, possibility for full customization of the clock and positioning of everything. As of now, the defaults are fine with me personally
- Any requests you have (To support other devices i need your AOD apk)

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