Xposed StatusBar Mods - Sense

An Xposed module for (mostly) statusbar modifications. Mainly designed for the HTC One device, with limited HTC OneX/XL/X+ support.

Sense Features

  • Transparent statusbar (option to have full trans or 1px divider line)
  • Transparent Sense navigation bar (except on Blinkfeed panel; option to have full trans or 1px divider line)
  • Transparent notification pulldown window (with ability to set background color/alpha)
  • 100-step battery icons, with optional battery % display during charging animation
  • Ability to auto-hide mobile data icons when connected to wifi (for AT&T phones)
  • Themable and replaceable statusbar images, in a simple Zip file format (called XSBM Iconpacks)
  • Experimental support to replace individual application notification icons, in-app icons, and most drawable resources (may not work with all applications; see 2nd post on support thread for more information)
  • Center clock mod (thanks to @C3C076)
  • Remove AM/PM from clock
  • Change clock color
  • Remove clock from statusbar
  • Remove phone signal icons from statusbar
  • Remove battery icon from statusbar
  • Option to change text battery color when connected to charger
  • Colorize battery text and icon display, either fixed (single color) or based on charge range
  • Change statusbar icon colors (only replaced/overridden icons, not stock ones)
  • Automatic module update via repo.xposed.info
  • Ability to apply changes without a soft reboot (requires superuser permission)
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  • Updated to support Sense 6/ARHD 6x
  • Iconpacks should now include additional images for wifi up/down status (see the Iconpack thread for more details)
  • Switched default iconpack to Stencil by itiskonrad (currently the only iconpack updated with additional wifi images)
  • Make sure you run the XSBM Settings app at least once after updating